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Gazzy Landscaping Johannesburg

Landscaping company in Johannesburg that specializing in garden design and landscaping. Our services include, tree felling, stone cladding, court repair, gardening, landscaping and irrigation

Designer answers gardening design questions

What is landscaping, and what are the benefits for environments?

We can define landscaping as a technique aimed at creating areas that can recover a given space or ecosystem that has been destroyed by disordered human action. 

How to make a good look at home garden design?

Do you also count on busy house residents? Then we recommend that you stay on this page. If you give your house a unique look and your landscaping gardens wanted to see a lot of amazing photos.

How will the soil be prepared before planting/installing the grass?

Before doing anything else at the installation site, it is paramount to identify the soil conditions and the type of soil you will be installing on will help determine how much it will drain 

The latest information on gardening design is here

Landscape design ideas

The first step is to view the plan on your page. You need it from the location of the house, starting with the garden design. Mark where there are already buildings 

Tips for getting more flowers from perennials

The first step is to view the plan on your page. You require it from the location of the house, starting with the garden design. Mark where there are already buildings

Ideas for the exterior of the house-stone cladding

Use compost to side-see your perennials in early spring and autumn. This will provide your perennials with a good, lasting nutritional boost, which will undoubtedly improve the overall health of your plants. 

Tree Felling

Modification, modelling, root removal, felling, weeding and planting of trees of various sizes. Advanced and proficient technology, pruning your trees in the most beautiful and heroic posture, showing the most healthy and energetic vitality, laying the foundation for your house 

Gardening Services

Swimming pools, flowers, trees, potted plants, turf, stones, flower soil, fertilizer, flower pots, garden materials, large and small trees. Prune trees, maintain gardening services, prevent and treat plant diseases and insect pests and irrigation

Landscaping Services

On-site consultation, carefully crafting the landscape and turning it into your life masterpiece, using our knowledge and experience to collect on-site data, photos and topographical maps, including master plans, artificial landscapes, natural landscapes and architectural drawings

Gazzy Landscaping is a bespoke landscape design and installation company, we strives to deliver quality Landscaping service and high customer satisfaction. We only use the highest quality materials and ensure easy maintenance or will offer an affordable maintenance plan.

Best Materials

Quality Tools

Unique Design​

Professional Staffs

What We Do

At Gazzy Landscaping we strive to design gardens that attract and sustain natural wildlife, incorporate indigenous plants and trees, conserve water and create a green space for families or employees to enjoy.

 “Landscaping, Tree felling, Irrigation, Gardening, & Stone cladding.”

Gazzy landscaping 

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to design and operational excellence.

We only use top quality, name brand products for our builds and lawn care services.

Creativity, quality and reliability are our hallmarks.

When it comes to chemical treatments for your yard, everything we use is 100% child and pet safe.

All our Employees take pride in their work and being a professional.

Our Designs are tailored to client's specifications.

We Listen to what you have to say then give solid landscaping advise and direction.