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What We Do


We offer landscaping service for new and existing clients. It is vital that ‘right plant, right spot’ is implemented as well as blending various mediums to create a garden that is in context with the buildings and clients expectations while working within a specific budget.

What we can offer you:

  • Garden landscaping advice based on the style of your home.
  • Theme & colour options for your garden.
  • Professional advice on plants that work best in your garden.
  • Professional horticulturalists combine various plant species to create your ideal landscape.
  • Each garden has a unique character that you’ll never see anywhere else.
  • Your garden will not only look good, but it will function well and require minimal maintenance.
  • No space is too big or small to transform; whether urban, commercial, domestic or country.

Tree Felling

We offer a wide selection of tree felling solutions :

  • Tree trimming / pruning: We can assist with the removal of branches to improve the shape
    or growth of the tree or increases and makes space available to other plants.
  • Tree cutting : we can assist you with the cutting down and removal of burdensome trees.
  • Stump Removal / De-stumping : We can assist in the removal of the stump to below ground level (not including removal of the roots)
  • Stump Poisoning : We can assist with chemically treating and killing trees in an
    environmentally safe way
  • Crown lifting : We can assist in increasing the space between the ground and the canopy of
    the tree.
  • Crown thinning : We can assist in the removal of some branches in a tree to increase light flow through and around a tree.


Gazzy Landscaping also offers professionally designed and installed high-end irrigation systems, which can be automated or manual.
A well-designed irrigation system is a prerequisite for maintaining your garden landscaping all year round. An irrigation system is a far more water-efficient and effective than hand watering, as it is designed to spray water evenly over the garden for a specified time and at a time of day when evaporation is least.

Garden Services

Our Garden Services Include:

  • Mowing of lawn
  • Trimming of edges with weed-eater
  • The basic turning of soil in beds
  • Basic weeding
  • Raking of beds & lawn
  • Sweeping / blowing of paving
  • Hedge trimming and shrub shaping as necessary
  • Removal of garden refuse incurred by ourselves
  • Light mowing of the lawn as deemed necessary
  • Light trimming of edges with weed-eater
  • Turning of soil in beds
  • Weeding
  • Cutting and removal of dead leaves/light branches
  • Raking of beds & lawn
  • Light pruning of trees and bushes as necessary
  • Removal of garden refuse incurred by ourselves
  • Generally keeping the garden tidy of dead leaves and winter refuse.
stone cladding

Stone Cladding

We offer an extensive range of interior and exterior, quality natural stone tiles and cladding and well as counter tops. Whether you are building your new dream home or renovating your existing home, we can help you with our years of experience in floor and wall design, supply,
and installation, including all tiling adhesives and associated products.

We can provide:

  • Natural Stone Cladding
  • Porcelain & Marble Tiles
  • Travertine & Mosaics Tiles
  • Laminate & Vinyl Flooring
  • Bull noses & Marble Slabs